Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Learning@Schools 2010 - Break Out 5

L@S 2010 Break Out 5 – Mastering i-Movie09 in 90 minutes

Presenter: Dean Rogers

Introduction to using i-Movie a programme.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Ask children to put the word TRASH in your title so when you do a search to clean up files you know that the word TRASH means it is a file to get rid of.
  • Remember to edit and film in the same screen size (eg. widescreen)

To show advance settings:

  1. Go to file
  2. Advance – Show advance tools

Do all the work first and then do the transitions after.

To edit frame by frame – hold down option/command keys and scroll mouse over it


Click on the track you want to hear, it will reduce (duck) the rest of the noise

A great hands on session where lots of tricks and tips using iMovie 09 were viewed. Highly recommended attending any session taken by Dean.

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