Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Learning@Schools 2010 - Break Out 6

L@S 2001 Break Out 6 – What is Good Learning and What is Good Inquiry?

Presenter: Trevor Bond

Who is using Inquiry and what are the hassles and positives aspects of it.

  • Chosing and using Inquiry (models)
  • The role of inquiry
  • Planning and the expectations
  • Inconsistent implementation and understanding

Children learn what they do….

When doing Inquiry we need to ask:

  • You need to clarify what is good learning
  • How does this look in your school – collection definitions

What is good learning ( David Perkins – ‘Better thinking and learning for every child’) Smart schools and better learning for every child.

Children need to be able to understand the key points and apply these to different situations – transfer of learning.

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