Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Learning@Schools 2010 - Break Out 4

L@S 2010 – Break Out 4 SOLO Taxonomy and Writing Learning Intentions

Presenters: Pam Hook and Julie Mills

Hot web: www.hooked-on-thinking.com

Hot wiki: www.hooked-on-thinking.wikispaces.com

HOT Book: http://hooked-on-thinking.com/wiki/doku.php?id=start

This is away of looking at adults/ children’s learning and where they are at at the end of the learning outcome.

The workshop covered the indepth of thinking about writing and using learning intentions with the support of SOLO.

Pam challenged teachers to think about their own thinking ‘Are we challenging children to learn?’ Are we getting children to think critically and extend them by using good quality learning intentions. Using learning verbs/ HOT maps will help foster higher order thinking and make learning more specific.

Using the key verbs to write learning intentions – ‘We are learning to understand…’ Make sure they link to the meaning SOLO

Achievement Objectives: Material World Level One Properties and changes of matter

Examples of learning intentions using SOLO:



  • properties
  • physical properties
  • chemical properities


  • common materials
  • mixture/heat


  • the changes when common materials are mixed (heated or cooled)


  • the properties of common materials

Compare & contrast:

  • physical and chemicals properties of common materials
  • the changes that occur when common materials are mixed

Explain the causes:

  • of mixtures that occur when common materials are mixed

Predict what might happen when:

  • common materials are mixed


  • about the changes that occur when common materials are mixed

I was challenged with my own thinking about how I could implement this learning outcome tool and integrating this into LITERACY.


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