Saturday, February 5, 2011

Welcome to LSS Room 13 2011

Well it's been four days back in the classroom and I have had a full on week but it has all been VERY exciting. This year, I have decided to use google presentations to help explain to the children our daily activities as well linking videos from YouTube to support our learning. Below is an example of the first day and the videos I used to help the children to create our classroom expectations.

I have found this activity worked successfully and children loved working collaboratively to find good and bad examples from the videos. The children were even more excited about the whole learning experience when they had the opportunity to create their own skits about what you might see in a good and a bad classroom. These examples can be found on our classroom blog.

I can definitely say I have some great actors and actresses in my room and if this is what they can produce on day 1 I am definitely looking forward to 2011.

Using Animoto I have created a small slideshow to introduce my wonderful students and the expectations we have created in our classroom. Please feel free to visit our classroom blog and leave a comment for my children they would love to hear from you.

Next week in my reading programme, I am introducing the concept of an iRead/ iListen, a programme which I saw over in America while I was on the Apple Bus Tour with Stuart Hale & Innes Kennard. I am looking forwarding to sharing this journey with you and seeing if this will increase the reading fluency of my students as well as their comprehension.

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