Monday, January 31, 2011

Inspired Impact Conference - Kath Murdoch

The Known And The New... Tuning Into Students' Thinking

Strategies for getting children thinking ( Tony Ryan- Thinking Keys)
Video Clip = Stuck On An Escalator

Challenge to make a connection or idea to conference

The more we teach routines and strategies  teaching becomes more explicit.

If we wait to the end of the unit or learning to gather our evidence we may get some shocks. If we collect it as we go we can reaffirm, adapt learning.

Select and image now that would best suit where your head thinking is now!

CSI: Colour, Symbol and Image

Concept: Creativity

What colour is creativity for you? Pink
Think of a symbol that best represents creativity - swirl
If you were to draw a picture or scene that would represent creativity in action. What image would best illustrate creativity? Children/ people talking working, dicussion etc

The doing, The Talking , The Drawing!
What did you notice about your own thinking -

Advantages for this strategy:
Opened ended
Creative/higher order
No right answers
Visual/Oral/ Written
Can be repeated for comparison

Teaching Routines For Thinking

Examples of Teaching Routines
We are learning to use these thinking routines -
Example of Thinking Routines
See Think Wonder
Think Pair Share
Connected Extended Challenge
Think Puzzle Explore
I used to think but now I think

Define, connect and explain - word splash (concept map)
Have a go at defining words you do know
Make some connections

Clock Partners - stops children working with different people

Think, Peer, Share with Wordle
What’s your first thinking about a topic?
Collective thinking - Tagexdo

True or False
Initial thinking
Connecting the known and the new

Think 1 Think 2
Example of the cycle of a frog’s life

I was wondering: - WONDER WALL
My first thinking or feeling is:

What is it?
What do you know about it?
What does it make you wonder?
What other things are like this?

Connected Game: - STRING
Something I learnt
I can make a connection

Techniques for Asking Questions

MCKenzie, 2008:5

Questions to reveal Thinking

Don’t put your hands up
Think first
Talk to your buddy
I will ask people to share

Think Peer Share - what am I getting out of their sharing and learning.

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