Sunday, December 19, 2010

End of Year 2010

Well the past two years has gone by so quickly and I now find myself preparing myself to head back into the classroom teaching a group of Year 5 & 6 students at Lytton Street School, Feilding.

I am fortunate enough to be heading back to the school I left before becoming a facilitator as well as teaching in the same classroom. I have so many plans in my head and I am slowly planning where I should begin. I have already set up my class blog as well as my class wiki and with this I have also set up:
  • A class gmail account
  • Skype account
  • Edmodo Account
  • and many many more Web 2.0 tools
I have also decided to start using ePortfolios using wikispaces to record children's learning and I am getting quiet excited by it all. With the help of Apiti School we collaborated together to make some matrices which I will use through Google Docs as recording sheets as these automatically update themselves in the wiki. I have a matrix for written language, numeracy & oral language.

I am also looking forward to taking my:
  • iPod touch
  • iPad
  • Flip Video
into the classroom. The school that I am now employed with have also just had the go ahead by the BoT to purchase iPod & iPads which will be really exciting so I am beginning to plan how I can incorporate all these tools effectively.

I am going to continue blogging about my events, trials and tribulations which should be really exciting!

I would personally like to 'Thank' Geoff Lovegrove (Project Director) Rex Wheeler (Management Team) the principals and staff of the seven wonderful schools I have worked with. There have been challenges and highlights over the past two years and without this wonderful opportunity I believe I would have not grown into the teacher, professional and educator I am today.

To all the wonderful educators and friends I have met during my travels ( America and New Zealand) Thank you all too for being part of this wonderful journey!

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  1. Big ups Ange! Thanks for being our facilitator. I'll be keeping in touch for tips every now and then. Congrat's for entering back into the classroom. Would be keen to see those writing, oral and numeracy matrices whenever.