Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cacoo - Free Web 2.0 Tool

I have just been reading 'Tech and Learning' Magazine from America and found some wonderful Web 2.0 tools that people could use in their classroom.

The first tool I am going to share is called Cacoo

Cacoo is an online drawing tool that makes Real-Time Collaboration a reality!

Cacoo enables Real-Time Collaboration. A diagram created with Cacoo can be edited by multiple people at the same time. Changes by users are reflected in real-time. Working with Cacoo makes it seem like everyone is working together in the same room and brings new meaning to the word Collaboration. (

I have had a little play with this and thought you might like to see an example of it. I am thinking about the possibly of using this tool in my class as it is more up to date with its graphic designs/ images and the children will visually find this more appealing in comparison to 'Bubblus'

Here is a link to my example below:

What are the features of this tool, the limitations & how would I use this in my class?

also after you have added a link to your blog or wiki, it will automatically updates it for you if you go back and make changes!

The only limitation I have found so far with this programme is that you are only allowed 25 free mindmaps but there is no one stopping you creating a new log in. From what I can see so far, you can only embedd it into your blog or wiki either as a link or export it as a PNG image but other than it, it's not a bad tool!

Let me know if you find out some wonderful other things!


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