Monday, November 9, 2009

MSS Scavenger Hunt - Using A Cellphone

Using your cellphone complete the following tasks. Once you completed each question please text your answers to Ange.

1. Complete the following problem including 2 different strategies.
There ar 623 birds and 356 people. They all decide to purchase an animal each. How many animals were left?

2. Take a photo with at least 4 of your team members off the ground reenacting a pet taht is in a situation. Write 3 sentences about it.

3. Find the following book in the library 'Digger and Dumpers (600) Page 13. The bucket digs small holes such as.........' complete the following sentence. PLEASE make sure you put the book back where you found it.

4. Using the stop watch on your phone, time how many times it takes your team to walk around the netball court in 1 minute.

5. Using the video camera on your phone, record a 10 sec ad on how to look after your pet.

Happy hunting!

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