Friday, March 20, 2009

Trail Run For My Teachers!

This is a trail run for embedding wordle using html code. I have a funny feeling that you need to hit edit html or it won't work! Let's see if it works!!

Wordle: Bored

Hmmm worked this time! The other time it didn't DOES ANYONE KNOW WHY????
Also Thank you to

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  1. I love wordle and find though to get a bigger immage that I use jing (I'm on pc) to take a screen shot of the wordle and then I insert it as a photo. If I had a mac I'd use the shift,apple4 to make the cursor into a camera tool. Then your wordle can be bigger. Love some of the tools on your blog that I haven't tried yet like that textorise thing.
    Plus your very groovy title and girly time clock!