Tuesday, March 17, 2009

To Screen Capture or Not To Screen Capture!

Being the Mac user that I am... well now I am, I was always under the assumption that you needed screen capture software on a PC. Well guess what! I learnt something new today- Many thanks to my partner in crime 'Jenny'

Here are the steps that you need to take on most PCs to do a simple screen capture:

1. Access the screen that you want to capture, whether that's your desktop or an Internet page or whatever.
2. Now look at your keyboard. Find the button that says "prt sc". On some computers, it will say "PrtScn". Either way, it's short for "print screen". It's normally located in the top right corner of your keyboard near the other function buttons on the computer.
3. Determine whether or not you will also need to use your "shift" key. If your "prt sc" button is a button of its own, you won't. If it's got other functions on it, you might. (Like with other buttons, if "prt sc" is on the top half of the button, it requires "shift" to be accessed.) Try pressing it by itself if you aren't sure. If that doesn't work, you can come back to this step and try adding "alt".
4. Optional step: If you want to only capture the "active" screen and not the other materials that you may see on your computer at this time, you will hit "alt" before hitting the "prt sc" button.
5. Once you've pressed "print screen", your computer should have done the screen capture. However, it needs somewhere to put the image that you've capture. You'll need to open your favorite image editing program. Paste the image into the program using any of the paste methods: Ctrl + V, right click and paste or file-paste.
6. Edit the image in any way that you see fit. This is an option step for screen capture.
7. Save the file. Name it and store in it such a way that you will be able to find it later. After all, you didn't just capture the image to go ahead and lose it!


OMG! Its as easy as that!!

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