Tuesday, October 5, 2010

ULearn 2010 - Pre Conference Part 3 ' Hello World 4'

Making A Flash Card Application for the iPod Touch - the process and the application

Application definition statement- To display and educate number ( Counting 1 - 1)

On one side of the page you would have the number and the word. On the first page there would be the number and then the word that would display.

There will be some data and things we need to take into consideration:
* navigation
* graphics
* tabling and graphs
* size limits
* technologies

Click on the icon below to go through basic steps on making iPod applications:

Other online resources:

* iTunes U - Loren Brichter on Tweetie
* Youtube
* More websites to come

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  1. I was gutted I had to pull out of this workshop! Was it good? Did you make an app? Can we download it/them from iTunes????