Friday, October 8, 2010

ULearn 2010 Break Out 5 - All About Literacy E Learning is the Hook - Helen Squires & Helen King

Year 5 teachers at Pt England Primary Auckland (Decile 1a) - there is a link to each children's individual blog

Helen King Class Blog -

Teacher moderates all comments. All blogs are public and they are owned by the school not the students.
  • Cluster Contract 2004-06
  • Manaiakalani Project (EHSAS) ' The Hook From Heaven'
Currently using individual blogs with students in the class. The school has a vision of children having their own netbooks as well as free broadband to families.

Pt England is currently a pilot schooh for Google Apps Management System.

Each class has a literacy cycle with the tools linked into learning.

There has been a huge change in children's perspective in using a blog and learning.

  • Children have tasks that relate to their learning in all learning areas
  • Feed back is compulsory as part of the blogging children are expected to do this. They need to leave their link so people can visit your blog. (Positive, Thoughtful, Feed Forward)
Teacher using Google Docs for children to plan their drafts and shared with the teacher.

Using Text Edit so read text back to students so they can hear what they have written.

Using Google Forms for:
  • Self / Peer Assessment
  • Teacher Assessment
For more information about Teacher Dashboard and Google Docs click on link below

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  1. Nice - I am glad you went to their workshop. These two are magic classroom teachers who you just want to stay teaching in a class and continue innovating (as opposed to getting 'promoted' to a senior management chair!).
    I hope they mentioned the research that has been done in their classes showing huge improvement in student achievement outcomes as a result of their innovative work.