Monday, August 30, 2010

Inspired Impact Conference January 2010 - Dorothy Burt

Heating Up 21st Century Learning

Think before you post!

Digital Age Issues

Digital Citizenship/ Ethics/ Digital Age Literacy

Google Alert - (Once a week about happening at your school)

Digital Literacy: How to make appropriate sources/ contacts
Dove evolution

The Onion Show

Photo Shop Year 5 & 6

“ Are we gardening with our kids or are we e-learning”

Hyper Studio

For e-learning to happen:

P = Plan

P= Process

P = Product

P= Publish

Participate and contributing = you have to be involved with the learning / buying / selling etc to be relevant to children’s learning.

Managing Self = I can to attitude.

Using language symbols & text = using the text

Relating to Others = ethics

Literacy In the Digital Age

Factual information can be found on Dorothy website/ blog etc.
The 3 essential parts of podcasting.

Manaiakalani Literacy Projects
  • Animating
  • Podcasting
  • Digital graphics
  • Digital storytelling
  • Movie making
  • Individual blogs

All teachers have to make their own sample of learning (wheel) at Pt England relating to the learning that takes place in their class. To see an example visit:
Creating a digital learning object.

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