Saturday, April 11, 2009

Boys And Their Toys!

I wanted to create some exemplars for my new wiki and ran around the house desperately trying to find a digital camera but alas when you want something you can never find it, so I decided to use my husbands cellphone.

My youngest daughter Inara has just started school 2 weeks ago so I thought she would be a good example of a child reading and pointing one to one. Check out her reading!

Have to admit we videoed this a few times but by the end of each recording, her one to one was getting better but she still insisted that she pointed to each word and I would have to agree YES! she was but she wasn't saying the words while she pointed at it. I think her next learning step might be to point to the word and then say!

Where would I have been without my husband's cellphone..hmmm might suggest to him I need a new one!

Food For Thought: How many of us as teachers have cell phones with a camera/video?
How many of us have used it in our class?

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