Monday, April 13, 2009

Blabber or not too Blabber!

Found another cool yet easy web 2.0 tool (Blabberize) to use in the class. I am going to have a play and see what I can do with it relating to children's learning. My thoughts so far are maybe a photo of a child at an event eg.trip and then maybe children writing a personal recount and telling their story or possibly a report!

Check out my little experiment and let me know what other learning ideas you might have that I could share with others:

I had always wondered how they had done this on 'What Now'

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  1. Hey Ange,
    I've just been playing with Blabberize! Thanks for the link. I'm not planning on using it in the classroom right now but it will be an excellent tool for a homework project. I think it could be really useful if you are teaching Languages like French or Maori. Each child could work on introducing themselves and saying a few short things about their family or hobbies. Could also be great within an EAL/NESB/ESOL programme.