Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Just One Of Those Days!

Today is the designated day I have as a teacher in my school (Lytton Street) this is where I get to work with children...oh so much fun, I so love working with the kids especially when things click.

I was lucky to work with my Techie Angels/Wizard (Year 1-2) this morning and some of the children drew some fantastic pictures using kidpix about 'respect' We had some real meaningful discussion about respect and the kids where fantastic. Here they are some of their work and thoughts!

I am also working with an older group of students (year 5&6) and we are using i-Movie to vehicle their learning about 'respect' We have decide to use Aretha Franklin's song 'Respect' to drive our message to the school.

Watch this space for our video clip about respect!

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