Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another Fantastic but Frustrating Teaching Tool!

This weekend has been so eventful well so far! I have found lots of new web 2 tools and have had lots of fun playing with them, as you can see! Here is an online tool textorize and I must say it would have to be my favourite but I have to admit most frustrating tool yet. Adding the image link was a mission but thanks to my hubby I found out it was a lot simpler that I thought.

Here are the instructions on how to use this tool but first check out my picture which I made with my story embedded in it!

Even though I had a lot of fun learning how to use textorize, it was still frustrating!
Anyway here is how to use it:
* You will need to upload your selected photo on to flickr
* Once you have select the image right click on it to view the image url address
* Copy the URL address and paste it into the link to image box on the textorize site
* Write/ type your story in the text box
* Adjust the number of lines, text size and colour adjustment as needed and then hit the textorize button at the bottom.

Taaa daaa you have your picture but BEWARE if you don't have a screen capture software you can't save it well as JPG or other image file. You can save it as a web page but this is useless if you want to embedded it into a blog!

There is software that you can download for this programme but I find extremely frustrating to use so I recommend to do it this way!

Have fun and watch my space for more teaching developments!

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